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Create a FREE account. Search for products on any of 30+ Chinese websites. Place your order. We procure and ship to you. We can also source products for you, brand, and ship to you or an Amazon Warehouse.


Search for Products

When searching for products, we recommend you browse on Google Chrome so you can get the Chinese language translated to English.


Place your Order

To place your order, simply sign into your account on our website or create a FREE account, then select Procurement and shipping, Create Order, etc.


Track your order

Right on your dashboard, you can see how your order moves from one stage to the order, from Pending to Completed.

How to Create an Order on Spreaditglobal

Learn, in a few minutes, how to easily create an import order on our platform. Even a newbie on the internet can do this.


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Popular Features

We’ve put together everything you need to make your international procurement and shipping experience hassle free.

Dollar or Yuan Shop

You can order products from shops In China that sell in Yuan or dollars.

Different Shipping Types

You can choose to ship your goods by air cargo or sea freight.

Estimated Shipping Cost

See and pay an estimated shipping cost during order placement.

Transparent Charges & Exchange Rates

Our exchange rates are displayed in the cost breakdown for your order.

Two Payment Options

You can pay us using your debit/credit card or by bank transfer.

A Single Dashboard

See all your past and future orders in one place. You can even export to excel.

Easy Refunds

Get your refunds within 7 business days. No stories

Automatic Currency Conversion

We convert the currency of the shop you are buying from automatically to USD or NGN.

How to Succeed in Mini Importation

You can purchase our seven part course that shows you, step by step, how to move from a beginner to a pro in mini importation.

  • The Mindset of a Successful Mini Importer
  • The Two Kinds of Products
  • Understanding and Manipulating Facebook Audience Insight
  • The Two Platforms for Selling
  • Shipping and Logistics in Mini Importation
  • Understanding and Using our Product Finder
  • Turning Products into Businesses

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See All the Services We Offer You

With us, you are in safe hands. We negotiate, procure and ship your goods or you get a refund.

  • Procurement and Shipping - Simply place your order and we buy and ship to you.
  • Pay Supplier - We help you pay your suppliers in China within 1 business day.
  • Shipping only - Instruct your supplier to send your goods to our China office and we ship to you.
  • Procurement only - We buy the products you want and ship to your agent in China.

Large Imports

For large imports from Turkey, the UAE, and even China

Apply for Shipping Only

Shipping Rates

Affordable Shipping Plans

S/N Country Rate for $/Kg Rate for $/CBM
1 United Arab Emirates 10
2 United Kingdom 20
3 Ghana 15
4 Kenya 15
5 Uganda (Kampala) 19
6 Kenya (Eldoret) 15
7 Kenya (Kisumu) 15
8 Kenya (Nakuru) 15
9 Nigeria 10 400
10 Tanzania (Dar es Salam) 19
11 South Africa 18
12 Mexico 15
13 Canada 20
14 United States 25
15 Uganda 19
16 Zimbabwe 17
17 Ghana (Accra) 15
18 Benin Republic 19
19 Kenya (Nairobi) 15
20 Côte d'Ivoire 19
21 Cameroon 20
22 USA Amazon Warehouse (Timeline for shipping is 5 to 10 days.) 13
23 UK Amazon Warehouse (Timeline for shipping is 5 to 10 days.) 12
24 UAE Amazon Warehouse (Timeline for shipping is 5 to 10 days.) 9


Estimated Landing Cost Calculator

Use our Estimated Landing Cost Calculator to know the cost of any product before you order.

Use ELC Calculator

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Questions & Answers

Have any frequently asked questions?


SpreaditGlobal Procuremet assists corporate companies or individual who buy a lot of products from China. If you wish to buy small items or have links from or other China websites, then go here.

Shipping rates fluctuate. So, check the Shipping Rates section of our Home Page, to see the current rates. Our rates cover both shipping and clearing. This means that we handle all customs clearance for you and you pick up from our office at 5 Olutosin Ajayi Street by CPM Head Quarters, Ajao Estate, Lagos. We could also send to wherever you are at an extra cost to you.

All things being equal, we will respond to every email within 24 hours, however, during peak periods like Christmas or Lunar New Year, there might be slight delays. Also during weekends, we may not respond as fast or may not respond at all. We are humans too.

Our service charge for procurement is 15% of the value of the products you are importing.

We are able to serve customers in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Benin Republic, Cote D'Ivoire, Uganda. However, you must note that for us to ship directly from China to any country outside Nigeria, the estimated weight of your order must be at least 10kg. If it is not up to 10kg, we will not be able to do direct shipping to countries outside Nigeria. When we do direct shipping, we will either ship directly to the address you provided or our clearing agents in these countries would give you a call to pick up your order at their location. For customers in Ghana, if your order is not up to 10kg, you can still use our platform but note that your order must get to Nigeria first, then we use ABC Express to send to Ghana. You will receive a tracking code and will pick up from ABC park in Accra. This will likely be at an extra cost to you.

Our address is 5 Olutosin Ajayi Street by CPM Head Quarters, Ajao Estate, Lagos. Our Phone numbers are: +234 806 458 3664, +234 806 839 7263.

Room 323 3/F Mingsheng Business Centre, 12-20 Guangyang Road, M. Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China. Phone number: Soul +86 1354 4429 491.